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Using Amazon SES As E-mail Gateway For Your WordPress Website offers a wide range of services to its clients, but the most popular out of these services is the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Widely adopted for the cloud computing platform, AWS offers a simple email service- Amazon SES.

Amazon SES differs from other email services for the countless benefits it provides. For email communication, businesses sure have other third-party apps to schedule their emails. Still, Amazon SES is one cost-effective way to send thousands of emails per month without you worrying about the complexity of its email sending infrastructure.

What is Amazon SES?

The best method to send transactional or mass emails is Amazon’s Simple Email Service, which is a cloud-based email service. The service offers various possible integrations like AWS SDKs, SMTP interface for perfectly smooth integration with your business apps, or emailing your customers/clients for marketing purposes.

When companies upscale and expand, they rely on third-party apps to send emails to customers, business partners, or internally. Let’s take an example, the transactional email a company sends to its customers, which contains promotional product information or newsletters, or an email reminder sent to customers by an application to inform about technical issues or maintenance.

While the small startups can use other third-party apps to schedule their emails, they don’t work well when you have to send thousands (bulk) of emails a month because of the complex infrastructure.

This complexity usually arises when an enterprise needs an upscale or downsizing. The complexity relates to the business applications used while sending emails on a daily basis or the marketing campaigns conducted.

These processes are complex in nature than the simple action of sending an email. It includes analysis, tracking, reporting, and a specific way to respond to messages received. Amazon SES targets this complex infrastructure and makes the process of sending thousands of emails a day easier.

Why Amazon SES with WordPress?

Your WordPress site, whether e-commerce or a membership site, needs a reliable email service. It is a crucial point to ponder as the email service should be able to keep up with the bulk amount of emails you will or are sending daily.

Third-party email sending service over SMTP is liable to reach the limit it provides of emails sent on a monthly or daily basis. These third-party service providers don’t have that complexity handling nature or design to handle thousands of emails sent when sending the customers, any other partner or employee, invoices, password resetting mails, or technical support requests.

Through Amazon SES, you can mitigate these problems and send bulk emails through your WordPress website’s Newsletter Plugin.

Amazon SES’s most prominent attractions are:

  • The thousands of bulk emails you can send at a market-competitive cost.
  • It provides reliability in email sending irrespective of the message size and number of recipients.
  • Customize content with replacement tags.
  • Amazon SES allows you to retrieve emails and not only send them.
  • A high deliverability rate that allows you to track your sending activity and maintain a good reputation.
  • Delivering emails to the subscribers efficiently without any risk of overloading or blacklisting the server.

How to Keep Reputation Good

With Amazon SES, you can track the factors that can affect your reputation as a sender or factors that lower your email delivery rates. The two critical factors are:

  • Bounce rate
  • Complaints

If the bounce rate or complaints of your account is high, Amazon SES may place your account under review or hold the email sending ability. Amazon SES has a dashboard of reputation that your site has to maintain and avoid reviews that may keep your account on hold.

Low Bounce Rate and Complaints

A high bounce rate means all the emails you sent are in your subscribers’ spam folders because of the bad email sending practices you apply. Whenever an email bounces or complains, Amazon SES sends an email from your account to stop sending emails to the affected email address. Moreover, your WordPress site integrated with Amazon SES has a dedicated dashboard that allows you to track your bounce and complaint rate and develop an effective strategy to maintain a good reputation, so your emails are delivered reliably to your customers.

All-in-all, Amazon SES is the practice and strategy to apply to your WordPress website to gain as many benefits as possible while accumulating potential loyal customers or clients.

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