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Welcome to the Black Fox Clan!

We are the creators of the Kitsune Plugins, and this is our story.

Since the Sengoku Era, ancient times of chaos and famine, my family ancestors have been at war to oppose the tyranny and injustice of the most powerful clans.
Our fathers and masters gave their lives to keep the secrets of the clan hidden and to teach us how to protect them with courage.
Now, in this present Era, you and we must also fight to survive.
In this age of robots and digitized mechanisms, wars continue, no longer with swords nor bows, but through advanced programs and softwares, which have developed to dominate the entire cybernetic universe.
Our war has remained the same since we fought to the death against Satomi and Yoshida clans, yet we are fighting against programmers armed with the best software in the whole world now.

Nevertheless, as we did in the past, we will continue to defend our clan from these giant unjust empires, who wish to destroy the smaller ones. 

What is our purpose?

To develop easy-to-use, fast, and dynamic WordPress plugins like the kitsune or foxes of the Dark Fox clan.
Everything you need to do in WordPress, you’ll find it in our smart and super-fast plugins.
Enter Ninjalibs and see how powerful our plugins are!

We are the Shinobis of the WordPress World!